Anna Alcock completed a BA Fine Arts from University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa.

She graduated in 2004 with a MA Printmaking from Camberwell College of Art and exhibits internationally with art in private and public collections (South Africa, Australia, America, Germany and throughout the UK). Using printmaking as her primary medium, Alcock’s subject matter is personal and her love of myths, folktales and stories that underpin the narratives.

‘Deeply personal, Anna’s more powerful art plumbs the depths of the soul, manipulative and seemingly inextricable limits established by an insecure and rapidly evolving society, the sense many of us have of being controlled by outside forces.  With her art deeply personal, she nonetheless captures collective fears even as she produces whimsical lighter works for both children and adults.

Much of her work is about the interpretation of spaces, light and darkness in their most profound senses.  Her work underscores contradictions in the violence and dangers of our world, including mystery and sorcery, with the concomitant universal search for safety, for example turning a wolf or argument into threats then mediated by overtures of compassion and a retreat to safety.  In this light, she is engaged in exploring the   human form, including the complexities and ambiguities of the human condition.  Her   imaginative work also assesses relationships, couples, groups of people, and, not least, life’s vagaries women confront in the complexities of growth and the changing seasons of life.  Always scrutinizing the human condition, her imaginative work in  several media varies in its joy, empathy, sadness, anger and then a redemptive restoration of compassion and empathy balancing inescapable pathos.  Her development is an ongoing process, fuelled by her passion, with recent works reflecting emerging styles and a deepening appreciation for life’s joys and sorrows.

There is an interior logic in the development of Anna’s work over more than two decades, with her art unique in her varied artistic media, including fine art print, drawing and more rarely paintings.  Her eclectic styles encompass creative, sometimes ingenious and inspired art on paper, canvas, fabric, 3D sculptural pieces, and chine colle.

After completing Uthongathi School, Anna earn her four year fine arts degree in 1998 from University of KwaZulu-Natal (previously University of Natal), where she majored in printmaking and art history with a special dispensation for the study of classics. In 2004 she was awarded her master’s degree in printmaking. In 2007 she established her art studio Inky Cuttlefish.

With expressionist art a major thread in Anna’s distinctive style, she has been shaped and guided by the works of Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Paul Klee,   Wassily Kandinsky, Der Blaue Reiter (Blue Rider) period 1911-1914, German   Expressionists pre-WWII through 1920, notably including Emil Nolde, a key figure in the German expressionist movement Die Brucke, the Fauvism movement, and the drawings, printmaking and painting of the peerless Rembrandt van Rijn.

Anna acknowledges her appreciation of those who recognized and encouraged her embryonic passion for art and emerging and progressive maturation, including teachers, family, friends, and others who reinforced her love of art, including her art, and the importance of art as an alternative means of expression in our uncertain, sometimes hackneyed world.’ Carole A Baekey, Esquire. Durban, South Africa. June 2015



Anna Alcock is Director of Inky Cuttlefish Studios. You can see her full biography, and list of exhibitions by clicking on the links.