The Fall of Icarus 2011


which means ‘from underneath’.  Metal plates which have drawn lines incised into them (where the drawing is) are inked up by putting ink all over the plate.  The excess ink on the surface of the plate (copper or zinc in Anna’s case) is wiped off so that the only ink is in the lines. Then 100% cotton paper, which has been soaked in water, is placed onto top of the plate, and put through an etching press under enormous pressure. The wet paper is forced into all the little lines and picks up the ink…and that’s how you get an intaglio print. Intaglio prints can be etchings (using acid), drypoint (physically drawing onto the plate), aquatint (the tonal feel comes from rosin dust that is shaken onto the plate), mezzotint or engraving (physically putting the tones and lines onto the plate).
‘The Fall’ is a second state – the first state was printed for Mythology in London (2012), but looks much better with a darker St Paul’s. Both Sleeping Beauty’s were shortlisted for RA Summer show this year.

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